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Online Course Description

The online course is comprehensive.  Course material is presented through various media; text, graphics, charts, etc. Course progress is logged with indicators that allow students, and the system manager, to monitor where they are in the program at all times.  Students may contact our Driver Education experts online for questions or clarification of course material.  Students are required to complete quizzes after each section to determine their knowledge of the subject matter, with a final exam at the end in which a score of 80% or above is needed to pass.  Students may take the final exam as many times as necessary to receive a passing grade, at no additional cost.    

The online course is convenient.  Students can register, select payment method, and start the course from the comfort of home.  After registration and confirmed payment, students are given a login code.  The login code is used to access the program as often as the user wishes, from any site that has internet access; this allows the student to stop a session at any time and then reenter the area they were in last.  After successful course completion, students receive electronic confirmation and are mailed a completion certificate immediately after confirmation.

The online course is affordable.  The cost of the course is $30.00; payment can be made by credit card online or by mailing a money order or cashiers check.  In many cases the cost of the school is less than the fine , however court cost will still be collected by the issuing court.     

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